Flat shoes are the fashion again

21 Mar

My lady, do you know that flat shoes are the fashion again? Yes – you can now stock your wardrobe with fold-up shoes, foldable shoes, folding shoes, flat ballet shoes, ballet pumps and ballerina flats again. Of course flats have never fully retreated from the fashion scene but there was a short time when high heels stole the show. Today for various reasons flats are back.


Collection of Ballet Pumps by Cocorose London


Flats are ideal for the good health of the body – it does not put a strain on the spine. Flats snugly hug you’re the contours of your feet. Since health is wealth flat shoes have now become the mantra of the fashion world also. The ballet shoes can be worn for all types of occasions whether formal or casual. Doctors are stressing on flats because of the natural support it gives. The ballerina pumps are practical as well as comfortable. For long walks nothing could be better than ballet flats. These shoes are safer also – there is no chance of your heel getting caught on the grill causing embarrassment. For women drivers, flat ballerina shoes are the best because heels may confuse my lady sitting behind the steering wheel.

Responding to the demand there are various kinds of flats in the market flaunting many colours. Some have ribbons or attractive straps. The foldable variety can be packed into the overnight bag. You can buy many pairs of flats to match your dresses. There are check flats or flats combining many colours. Flat shoes can be worn indoors as well as outdoors. The demand is spiraling.



The old name for flats was ‘pumps’ in the 16th century. During that time the pumps or ballerina shoes were worn by both genders. For two hundred years during the 17th century and the 18th century high heels gained prominence; even men wore heels. The most noted event in the history of high heels was the wearing of it by Queen Marie Antoinette while walking to be guillotined! She walked erect and was the very symbol of grace. Flats returned from 19th century and the Industrial Revolution. Women had to come out of their homes to join the outside working world. In this respect ballerina shoes were more comfortable. Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot gave a push to wearing of flats in two of their noted Hollywood films – Funny Face and God Created Woman respectively.



Where to buy flats? In this Internet Age you need not worry about hunting shops in crowded market places. You can buy everything online sitting in your own corner before the computer during your leisure time. Simply click on http://www.cocoroselondon.com/ and a magic world of fashionable ballet flat will open up before you. The choice will stagger and confuse you. You can browse through the selections. Worried about the price? There is no need to frown as the market is global and hence highly competitive. You choose online, pay online and track delivery status online. What are you waiting for? Start clicking for happy shopping.




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