What will you choose- Fashion or Fashion with Comfort?

25 Feb

High heels are stylish, sexy and they have the ability to turn an ordinary outfit into a masterpiece. But have you ever wondered about the health hazardous caused by high heels? Yes the notion turned into a fact. According to fitness experts, wearing high heels almost regularly can be one of the reasons of leg and back pain. Wearing high heels raise the heels and the wearer’s center of gravity being pushed forward, in simple terms, it means that the wearer’s feel an extreme amount of pressure on the feet which can cause unbearable amount of pain and numbness.


In recent years, women have started using ballet flats to avoid the health hazardous caused by high heels. Many of the leading fashion outlets and production houses have introduced so many beautiful changes to women flats. Nowadays women flats come in almost every design, colors and patterns and yes, they are perfect for a great number of events. They look great with casuals, party dresses and with formal outfits. Apart from their stunning looks, ballet flats offer so many other benefits as well. Ballet flats do not cause any injury or pain to the joints as high heels generally do. Unlike high heels, they don’t put any extra pressure on the balls of the feet. They can be carried easily in your handbag and they are pretty safe for walking. Ballet flats are inexpensive yet trendy. There is no need to visit any designer store or shoe collection for buying a great pair of ballerina flats; you can simply find them online in various designs and patterns.

Ballet flats are versatile enough to be matched with a number of outfits. You can easily find some flat shoes with slight wedges as well, if you are too short or you don’t like extremely flat footwear. These flat shoes are comfortable and dress code friendly so these are the perfect to go with formal outfits.

Being trendy is good but blindly following the fashion trends is not a good thing. You should always select the pair of shoes that is comfortable and suits you the best. If you want a mix of both, fashion and comfort, than ballet flats are just the right choice for you.


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