Conquer your first day, no limitations!

24 Oct

  • Does footwear have an age limit like people have a shoe size?
  • Is there a no over’s policy on a certain height of heel?
  • Are ballet flats a young person’s trend?
  • Aren’t smoking slippers indoor comfort footwear?

We at Cocorose don’t have any restrictions for the above! We want you to have the most comfiest footwear available and in a style you are comfortable wearing, which explains the numerous colours patterns and designs we supply to our lovely customers.

Ballerina pumpsWhen the older generation, not saying anyone is old… but when they look at purchasing that imperative pair of comfortable relaxation shoes, for the days they usually have a lot of walking around to do, they tend to stray more towards trainers. Okay so yes we admit they are comfortable, but they are not girly or particularly feminine or stylish for that matter.

We love providing our customers with their daily dose of fashion and style so have focused mainly on glamming up the most comfortable pair of shoes, so that our customers do not need to even compromise wearing something less flattering or appealing to the eye with their divine outfits.

Our luxuriously comfortable shoes beat wearing heels in more ways than one, as agreed by our beloved customers, as they are easy to walk in and can be teamed up with anyone’s wardrobe choices as the collection is so varied.

As our styles are so varied, it leaves our lovely customers with more of an excuse to purchase multiple pairs due to the fact that they want a pair for everyday of the week, some cases, even the month.

Conquer your first time nerves with this fabulous all round pair of ballerina pumps.


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