Which path will they help you walk down?

31 Jul

Gone are the days that Heels were the only fashionable option!

Flat shoes for women are with no question of a doubt the most statement, bold, and bright fashion must-have, that pack an almighty punch. They team well with the edgy, indie, young scene as well as the upper class, luxurious champagne life. It just depends which path you walk down.

They are also probably one of the most understated and underestimated big ball players when it come to the feet’s accessories they call shoes.

Fashion and practicality usually disagree, but flat ballet pumps from the likes of Coco rose London have drawn a line straight through that statement. Fashionable ballet flats are the compromise. They are ultra-stylish, cool, chic, glamorous and a premium product. They are designed with due love and attention to detail for the comfort and capability of the foot on its travels.

Ballerina flats can be found in many edgy and on the mark trends, colours and patterns, so as well as finding the right gorgeous pair of shoes it is important to find the most versatile, which will adapt to your lifestyle and wardrobe. The daily duties of a busy fashionista cannot be affected or disrupted by an uncomfortable heel.

Flat shoes are the ultimate stability, and first choice for comfort. There is no excuse when it comes to making the transition and being converted to a true pumps fan. They have your size, style, favourite pattern, and colour, you just need to look in the right place


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