Flat fashion for women of today

8 Apr

Are women supposed to wear flat shoes? Do women who wear flats look sexy and appealing? Can women really feel great and confident about themselves while wearing flats? Do flats really look good? If my height just a few inches over 5 feet, isn’t it mandatory for me wear high heels? Pencil heels make me look sleek and slender; if I wear flats I look fat and unattractive.

Are you one of those women who have such thoughts every single day and you end up getting harsh pains on your calves and hamstrings after a long hectic work day in pencil heels? It is very obvious to feel the way you do. High heels have been an important part of the fashion world since ever. It was believed that only tall women look attractive, and short women need to pay the price of being short. Fortunately, for the women of today, fashion industry is changing standards as far as footwear is concerned.

Given the way women of today work outside the home most of the times, there are more full time working wives and moms than housewives. She likes to look pretty and sexy when she is going out of the home for her daily work. She is expected to work in a competitive environment. She is expected to prove herself at any given time. Looking good takes a backseat for her when she works hard to earn something that she deserves.

For a woman like this, fashion industry has come up with multiple flat footwear options. These can make her look as sexy and attractive as she naturally is. From ballerina shoes to ballet flats, she has multitude of options to choose from; because looking good cannot take a backseat for her.


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