Statement shoes, not just a safety option

14 Mar

Cocorose Londons’ foldable and ballet shoes collections are the number one must have in the fashion industry.

Using the most current and fashionable materials and designs, Cocorose create their signature foldable ballet pumps, which come with an amazing travel purse, which receive high completion from their also luxurious and stylish non-foldable heritage made in England range. It is a good feeling knowing your only competition is your other range.

Our Ballerina flats are comfortable and surprisingly elegant for a pair of flat shoes for women. If cosiness is the main factor when shoe shopping, be sure to try out our range even, if you are just purchasing the original black pumps.

As we have been featured in many well-known magazines,it is safe to say that our lovely female fan base is forever expanding. This is all down to the amazing creation of foldable shoes that fit nicely into your handbag, as they will be the foot saviour on a night after wearing heels we simply adore them.

Many companies are jumping on the foldable shoes wagon but what makes us unique is the quality and designs. Most foldable shoes are simple and cheaply made as they are usually only worn for a few hours maximum at the end of the night, where as ours are completely the opposite. Stylish, fun, affordable shoes, that will certainly impress all throughout the day!With the remarkable quality and graces used, CocoRoses’ shoes will certainly be around as a statement shoe, not just a safety option.


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