Decide Your Shoe Choice With The Help Of Colours You Love

28 Jan

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes is not an easy task. You should always look for both comfort and beauty factor before selecting any particular shoes. With the help of colour choice, we can gather some knowledge about the characteristics of a person. This also helps in choosing the perfect fashion accessory that complements your personality.

For example if blue is your favorite colour, you are caring, compassionate, patient and love to be admired all the time.

Green is the colour of harmony and balance. If you love green then you most likely look for balance in every relationship.

You are ambitious and aggressive if red is your preferred colour. Red is the symbol of vitality, health and strength.

This amazing visual representation, brought to you by Cocorose London, highlights your shoe choice on the basis of colours you love. go through the same and don’t forget to share it.



5 Super Stylish Foldable Flats #INFOGRAPHIC

16 Sep

The greatest advantage of foldable shoes is that they can be folded and put into a small pouch and carried inside a bag. The shoes are made in such a manner that folding them will not break or damage the sole. The materials used in making the shoes are soft and flexible. This is the reason they are very comfortable for the feet.
Have a look at our top 5 super stylish foldable shoes:

New Collection Of Fold Up Shoes From The Winners of Pop at HOF

10 Jul

Fashion is making its way into the lives of common people. Fashion facilities are being made in such a manner (or rather made to use) that they are becoming easily accessible to people within an affordable budget. With the rise of online shopping, designers are launching their brands online too for attracting more customers than ever. Attractive discounts, persuasive offers and CRM activities and of course cross-selling techniques are making it even more desirable for the customers to be with a brand and the if a brand knows how to do all this with great quality it is through.

House of Fraser (HOF) and The Great Retail Revival – the connection and competition

Established way back in 1849, House of Fraser (HOF) is one of the most popular department store groups in UK. There are more than 60 stores of the company in and around Ireland and UK. Now, to bring a boost to UK’s retail market, The Great Retail Revival, a non-profit organization, has collaborated with the premiere department store group, House of Fraser and arranged a competition POP at HOF for the promising retail brands in the country. The event was held in the month of May 2014. The winning retail brand would be given an opportunity to carry their business and sell their products in House of Fraser’s Oxford Street outlet. This is considered as Europe’s one of the busiest and finest shopping street.

Heads of House of Fraser and The Great Retail Revival have expressed their happiness at the excellent collaboration. This initiative will give chances to the budding retailers to create an impact in the fashion world in a great manner. Retail industry in Britain had taken a backseat and such collaborations and associations will surely boost the dying market again. Winners of POP at HOF will also find place on House of Fraser’s e-commerce portal. In fact they will be mentored by the expert teams at House of Fraser and The Great Retail Revival so that they become ready for the ‘High Street’ challenge.

Cocorose London – a proud winner at POP at HOF

Cocorose London has a good time winning POP at HOF this season. Post winning, the company has opened up its pop-up store on the 16th of June 2014 for coming 12 weeks.

Cocorose London specializes in making wide varieties of pump shoes in different sizes and styles. The company concentrates on making the most comfortable pump shoes and ballerinas that can be worn for long hours without hurting the feet in any way.

It is quite interesting to see that the vast shoe collections at Cocorose London have been categorized into various segments. Prominent among them are as follows:

  • The Royal Ballet
  • Classic Elegance
  • Luxury Heritage
  • Diffusion
  • Wedding
  • Liberty Art Fabrics

All the pumps and ballerinas in these categories are designed and created exclusively. The company makes sure that they create designs and patterns that are unique and not found anywhere else. They also come in all standard sizes. Purchasing shoes from the collections can help you in having a shoe that is a winner at the competition. Many new shoes are also being added to the collections. Buying your favorite pump or ballerina is easy as the store offers online purchasing facilities to customers.

Cocorose London Finally Win Pop At Hof

9 Jun

Cocorose London, one of the premium boutique designer shoe label have been declared the winner of Pop at Hof held at House of Fraser in partnership with The Great Retail Revival Foundation.

cocorose wordpresss blog

Popularly known for its foldable and fold-up shoes, Cocorose London has been given the concession to feature and trade at House of Fraser’s website for a year. The brand also won a lot of accolades for the innovative range of shoes and was named the competition’s “Most Innovative Range”.

Cocorose London was founded in 2007 by Janan Leo. From their heritage in the markets of East London, Cocorose London have grown into an international brand, stocked in premium boutiques and department stores, mainly in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Cocorose London’s philosophy focuses on what they term ‘modern luxury’; the relationship between beautiful design, superior comfort and practical functionality.

Talking to Nigel Oddy about the Pop at Hof, he mentioned that he was very happy and overwhelmed with the response, his team and Pop at Hof, received from the participants.

The way fashion houses participated in the event, showed their dedication and collection of their product, it was an overwhelming experience for the entire Pop at Hof team.

Beside Cocorose London, finalist Joulberry was awarded the “Best Store Fit Out”, Alison at Home was awarded the “Best Marketing Campaign” and Rock-a-bye Baby was awarded with the “Great Retail Revival Choice Award”.

Pop at Hof event finally ended with lots of new experience and hard-work after two weeks of beautiful journey. For more information about the winner check it here .


Cocorose London: Winner of Pop At HOF

3 Jun

Cocorose London are delighted and endlessly proud to announce that, yesterday evening, we were named as the winners of The Great Retail Revival’s 2014 Pop at HoF!



Trending this week: Pop at House of Fraser, Oxford Street

19 May

Flash Collection of your favorite brand, Cocorose London, has arrived to Pop at HOF.

Have a look at these gorgeous new styles and colors:

Touch, try and buy until 26th of May.




Jet set Go…Pop Up at House of Fraser (Pop at HOF) on Oxford Street

13 May

Latest updates from the Cocorose HQ:

1. Gorgeous Pink invites for Pop at HOF

2. Press Day at The Music Room on South Molten Lane

3. Some latest videos and lods more crazy stuff

Meanwhile our shoes featured on Beautiful Pairs of Made in England Ballet Flats under £150.00

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Happy Cocorosing!


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